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Determining the quality of a laminate floor

As with the last article, the pricing of a laminate floor alone cannot tell its true quality.

Here are 2 simple steps you can utilise to help you to choose the best floor from the pack.

1) Product Specifications

  • AC Rating – These are used to standardise information on surface durability, on a scale of 1-5. In the majority of instances, AC1 and AC2 are suited to domestic use, AC3 light commercial and AC4 and AC5 heavy commercial. The majority of laminates are AC3 and it should be sufficient for domestic use.
  • Board Thickness – Laminate boards normally range from 6mm-12mm. The thicker the board, the better impact resistance they have and also feel better underfeet. The click system is also in many instances superior in thicker boards.
  • Click System – The click system also plays a role in the durability of a laminate floor’s joints. When the click system is weak or inferior the joints are more likely to break under traffic leading to creaking or movement of the board.
  • Warranty – Properly constructed laminate floors should last many years, the majority of laminates we see nowadays often offer 8-30 years warranty. Anything toward the higher end should be sufficient, however you must always be wary of the finer points if you DIY.
  • Wax Seal? Wax-sealed boards are great as they provide additional water resistance for the board allowing it to be more stable.

2) Get a Sample and  Have a Play!

  • Weight – get a feel of the weight of the board, the heavier and denser the better.
  • Water Resistance – leave the board overnight with half sitting in water. Compare it to other boards, the less expansion and bubbling, the better the board.
  • Composition of the Core – use your fingernail and attempt to scratch the core of the board. Often (in many instances), the lighter the colour of core, the stronger and denser the board is.
  • Backside of the Floorboard – the backside of the laminate floor should be almost as durable as the front face. It should also offer sufficient water/moisture resistance, to prevent the expansion or contraction of the core

Here you go, a few simple tips and strategies to help you pick out the best laminate floor!

Stay posted for an article on choosing the best bamboo floor!

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