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Laminate Flooring: How much should you be paying?

Laminate flooring is an excellent floor solution offering durability, beauty and value to it’s buyers.

Today’s market is saturated with laminate floors from many different brands and manufacturers. It is often difficult to choose which type to purchase for your home. You may visit a showroom and then visit another to receive an entirely different price. All claiming to be the ‘Top of the Range’?

This article explains how laminate floors are priced and provides a rough guide on how much you should pay for a quality laminate floor.


With over 3000 laminate floor manufacturers in China alone, Chinese made laminate floors present a massive measureable spectrum.

Some people say Chinese made laminates are of inferior quality and should not be purchased. Some say they are of reasonable quality. While others say they are no different to many European and major brand names in the industry, except being substantially cheaper.

Well, all of this is true.

Chinese laminates are often the most difficult to differentiate. Chinese laminate flooring may be of exceptionally high quality and great value, but may also be of a much inferior quality and waste of money.

Why the massive difference?

  1. Over 3000 Laminate Floor Manufacturers
  2. Different Target Markets


On the other hand, branded European laminate floors are often regarded as the monarchs of laminate flooring. This is mostly true; build quality is great, very durable and beautiful. However, these often come in at a much higher price tag.

A fraction of laminate floors manufactured in China can rival these branded European floors. However, this fraction of floors are often no different to the European boards, except the price tag. It is not unusal for the European floor to be priced at more than double the Chinese floorboard.

Why the difference in price?

  1. Brand Name
  2. Higher Labour Costs

Here is an example; you may find the following prices after some research in to the market:

Brand A – $10/sqm    (represents lowest price found)

Brand B – $15/sqm

Brand C – $20/sqm

Brand D – $25/sqm

Brand E – $50/sqm   (represents highest price found)

Although this may not always apply for all situations, we advise you not to choose an underpriced product(A and B) as there may be quality issues. We also do not believe it is necessary to choose an overpriced product(E) as it often represents a European product.

The staff at FloorVenue believe in delivering quality and value, thus we believe in high quality floorboards without the expensive price tag.

Of course, pricing alone cannot determine everything about a certain type of floor. This is a rough guide to inform potential buyers of how much you should be paying for your new laminate flooring. Stay posted, as we’ll be launching another article next week explaining how to test the quality of a laminate floor!

Another great read is: www.laminateflooringmanufacturers.com/best-laminate-flooring.htm

Quality laminate floors are highly recommended by the staff at FloorVenue and we are more than happy to assist you with any queries you may have. You may talk to us on 1300 650 690!

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