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Breaking Down a Flooring Installation Price Quote

There are different flooring types to choose from for your house. They basically vary in functions that meet specific needs of certain households. A crucial disparity factor that many often overlook as insignificant, however, is the price. This may be on the bottom of your list, but it’s still important to consider rates.

Among the expenses you’ll be making for your flooring is the installation. The price for this service usually depends on the contractor, the type of flooring material, and the size of the floor. Breaking down price quotations will help you determine an approximate value on the project.

The price quotation that a contractor gives you serves as the binding contract as well, once you agree on its content. That is why it’s important to have every important detail included in the quotation, so you can avoid additional and surprise expenses.


Will the preparation process comprise of sub-floor repairs or just plain installation? The pricing is logically higher if the contractor will take care of the current flooring. It may require specifics such as soundproofing, as well.

To make the most of their services, see to it that your contractor has the means to move pieces of furniture. This lessens the trouble of doing it yourself or finding another company to do it for you. Apart from moving, they should be the ones to place back to the original position.


Will you supply the materials? Make sure you have a clear understanding with the contractor of what materials, apart from the flooring plates, are included in their installation service. There should be a clear list of things, prices, and quantity. A comprehensive breakdown should always include the sales tax.


Guarantees or warranties as essential as well; these ensure not just the initial work, but the quality of the flooring in the years to come. Save yourself the worries and have greater peace of mind by making your contractors include it on the price quotation. Understand that not everything here is practically included in most quotes.

Installing the flooring on your own relatively saves you more money, but getting a professional to work on the installation process is perhaps more practical, given their experience and skills. At Floor Venue, we offer a variety of installation solutions carried out by our qualified team to suit your needs. Contact us now to see the significant difference that we can make for your home.

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Dogs and Hardwood Floors: A Bad Combination?

If you’re a dog owner, there’s a good chance that you have heard that dogs and hardwood floors don’t mix very well. Your canine pals have sharp claws, and these will heavily scratch and gouge the wood over time. Their tendency to drag mud and run around all over the place certainly doesn’t help, either.

You can choose other flooring options, and this might save you plenty of headaches in the long run. Laminate flooring, for example, is much better at resisting scratches and other dog related damage. It’s probably a good idea if you have multiple pets, or if your dogs are especially large.

But if you have your heart set on hardwood, then it’s time to take some precautions. While keeping your floor in good condition when you have a pup running around is difficult, it’s certainly not impossible either. Here are several tips to prevent significant damage to your flooring.

1. Get the hardest wood you can – Style is important, but when you have an overly energetic puppy at home, you also need to take durability into account. When choosing your hardwood, ask for the Janka Rating and get something harder than average, as it will stand a much better chance of lasting against your pet.

2. Clip their nails – Keeping your dog’s nails short is a good practice, and it will help prevent any serious damage to your floors. You might even want to look into getting nail caps for them; these are harmless caps that you glue onto their nails, and they last for several months. Ask your veterinarian for advice on local brands.

3. Train them – The damage to your floor gets much worse if your dogs run at high speeds, so it’s best to train them to walk while indoors. You might want to take it a step further and put down some rugs for them to walk on instead of your hardwood, and teach them to stick to those. If you only have hardwood floors in some rooms, consider making those “dog free” areas as well.

Need help with choosing your flooring materials, or have a hardwood floor that is in dire need of repairs? FloorVenue would be glad to help. Just give us a call, and let our team know about your requirements.

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Simple Ways to Turn Your House into a Sustainable Home

Majority of Australian homes are built to work against the climate, not with it. But if we want to preserve nature for future generations, we need to build sustainable homes that will have little to no negative impact on the environment.

Below are some of the ways we can make Australian homes more sustainable.

Start a compost pile

Composting makes a backyard sustainable. It is easy to make a compost pile. You can start by gathering fallen leaves or yard trimmings and layering them. Compost piles are key to organic farming, which is another way to make your home sustainable.

Install sustainable flooring

Aside from the sustainable part, another good reason to choose sustainable flooring is the cost. Majority of flooring suppliers and installers in New South Wales offer floorings made from sustainable materials, like bamboo – a fast-growing renewable resource. Bamboo floors cost less than hardwood flooring, but still offer superior durability and beautiful design. They also provide exceptional insulation and are naturally antimicrobial.

Utilise the sun

Maximising natural light is a great way to save on energy costs. Installing mirrors on strategic locations and adding more windows are two ways to achieve this. Another option is to add skylights. Skylights can be expensive, yes; however, the energy savings on the long run will more than make up for the installation costs.

Use natural and ecofriendly cleaning substances

Chemical and synthetic cleaning materials leave harmful residues that can end up in our water supply. We recommend using natural alternatives like vinegar, which is potent enough to kill mould and bacteria. Baking soda is a good alternative to synthetic air deodorisers.

Making our homes more sustainable is one way to minimise damage to the environment. Apart from contributing to a better future for the generations to come, sustainable homes also have instant benefits like good health and reduced costs. You may contact us today to discuss sustainable flooring options for your home.

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Ways to Maintain Wooden Floors

Wooden floors are a favourite among homeowners because of their durability and stylish finish, but the material is not invincible, as well. It needs all the help it can get to last long. Remember, the floors are the most abused part of the house; it needs care and maintenance to be called a floor twenty years from now.

Fortunately, we don’t just sell flooring; we help people take care of them too, so that they can get the most value for their purchase. The first thing homeowners need to do is to make sure that the floor doesn’t have to go through any more stress than it needs to. This means keeping it free from dirt and litter that would scratch the finish.

Liquids that aren’t water is bad for floors because once they’re dry, it’ll take a bunch of chemicals to remove the stain. These chemicals can compromise the integrity of floors, as they’re abrasive enough to melt solid objects. If homeowners routinely use chemicals to clean their floors, it could discolour or warp after a few years.

High heels are a danger for floors, especially stilettos. Some people get some kind of satisfaction from the clicking noises their heels make on such floors. That satisfaction, however, can quickly become frustration when they see scuff marks marking their floors.

Strategically place floor mats in places where there will be high foot traffic or fluid build-up. These areas include doorways, under kitchen sinks, near dishwashers, so on and so forth. There’s no way people can avoid putting damage on these areas. The best approach to keep their longevity is to protect them from all contact with the world.

Finally, attach felt pads on the bottom of furniture to prevent scuffmarks from moving furniture around. Weight and friction are a floor’s worst nightmare, but felt pads will make the scratching drag look more like a smooth slide.

If you’re looking for more tips on protecting your floors, contact us today. We know all the strengths of every type of flooring, and we can tell you all the tricks to make them last as long as possible.

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5 Flooring Tricks to Make a Room Look Bigger:

Some place in your house there’s presumably a room that feels so little its scarcely worth tallying to square footage. You’ve attempted all the embellishing traps to open up that space: light-color dividers, deliberately put lights, sheer draperies and furniture revised such a variety of times that even the pooch has no idea where to sit. Regardless it would appear to be the dividers are shutting in. In the event that you think you’ve used up embellishing alternatives, don’t stress. There’s a regularly ignored answer for make a room look bigger: introducing the right sort of deck. The right deck shows up of more space, and it’ll give your room a whole new look.

Select boards rather than strips – Strip refers to boards that are narrower than 3″. Plank refers to boards that are 3″ or greater. You will likewise discover a wide board class for sheets measuring 5″ and that’s just the beginning. Make a room look greater by selecting board or wide board hardwood flooring. Fewer creases make a more open example that looks less occupied and binding. An alternate trap is to lay the sheets parallel to the longest divider. Running the sheets thusly aides stretch a room.

Lay flooring on a diagonal– Regardless of whether you pick natural flooring styles in solid hardwood or laminate boards, the stone look of luxury vinyl tile or glazed porcelain tiles, laying materials on a diagonal will make a room look bigger. This system tricks the eye into understanding the deck design from with a better point of view, making more visual attraction.

Don’t be anxious about dark wood – It’s a misguided judgment that dim wood floors choke our feeling of space. Combined with the right mix of divider color, trim and embellishment, darker species like walnut and extraordinary Brazilian cherry can, indeed, make a room look greater. To utilize this present decorator’s trap, pick a cool paint shade (recall, cool shades retreat and warm colors propel) for dividers and trim that matches your floor. Include crown shaping in white or a shade lighter than the dividers to attract the eye up to the corners with a feeling of breadth.

Pick bigger tiles – Increase the appearance of all the more square footage by selecting deck tiles that are bigger than the standard 12″ size.  Luxury vinyl tiles are promptly accessible in 16″ and are an incredible alternative over porcelain tile. Notwithstanding being wonderful, tough and agreeable underneath, they arrive in a wide assortment of characteristic ground surface styles, for example, stone, slate and travertine. Introduce without grout to upgrade visual space.

Keep consistency in nearby spaces – Join neighboring spaces with the same sort of ground surface material. Utilizing a steady plan all through your home will give the hallucination of having more space. In the event that you have to change flooring materials, stay inside the same color gang.

You will most likely be unable to expand the extent of a little room, however you can undoubtedly trick the eye with a couple of deck traps that make a room look bigger.

– Shashin G

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Laminate Flooring: How much should you be paying?

Laminate flooring is an excellent floor solution offering durability, beauty and value to it’s buyers.

Today’s market is saturated with laminate floors from many different brands and manufacturers. It is often difficult to choose which type to purchase for your home. You may visit a showroom and then visit another to receive an entirely different price. All claiming to be the ‘Top of the Range’?

This article explains how laminate floors are priced and provides a rough guide on how much you should pay for a quality laminate floor.


With over 3000 laminate floor manufacturers in China alone, Chinese made laminate floors present a massive measureable spectrum.

Some people say Chinese made laminates are of inferior quality and should not be purchased. Some say they are of reasonable quality. While others say they are no different to many European and major brand names in the industry, except being substantially cheaper.

Well, all of this is true.

Chinese laminates are often the most difficult to differentiate. Chinese laminate flooring may be of exceptionally high quality and great value, but may also be of a much inferior quality and waste of money.

Why the massive difference?

  1. Over 3000 Laminate Floor Manufacturers
  2. Different Target Markets


On the other hand, branded European laminate floors are often regarded as the monarchs of laminate flooring. This is mostly true; build quality is great, very durable and beautiful. However, these often come in at a much higher price tag.

A fraction of laminate floors manufactured in China can rival these branded European floors. However, this fraction of floors are often no different to the European boards, except the price tag. It is not unusal for the European floor to be priced at more than double the Chinese floorboard.

Why the difference in price?

  1. Brand Name
  2. Higher Labour Costs

Here is an example; you may find the following prices after some research in to the market:

Brand A – $10/sqm    (represents lowest price found)

Brand B – $15/sqm

Brand C – $20/sqm

Brand D – $25/sqm

Brand E – $50/sqm   (represents highest price found)

Although this may not always apply for all situations, we advise you not to choose an underpriced product(A and B) as there may be quality issues. We also do not believe it is necessary to choose an overpriced product(E) as it often represents a European product.

The staff at FloorVenue believe in delivering quality and value, thus we believe in high quality floorboards without the expensive price tag.

Of course, pricing alone cannot determine everything about a certain type of floor. This is a rough guide to inform potential buyers of how much you should be paying for your new laminate flooring. Stay posted, as we’ll be launching another article next week explaining how to test the quality of a laminate floor!

Another great read is: www.laminateflooringmanufacturers.com/best-laminate-flooring.htm

Quality laminate floors are highly recommended by the staff at FloorVenue and we are more than happy to assist you with any queries you may have. You may talk to us on 1300 650 690!

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Determining the quality of a laminate floor

As with the last article, the pricing of a laminate floor alone cannot tell its true quality.

Here are 2 simple steps you can utilise to help you to choose the best floor from the pack.

1) Product Specifications

  • AC Rating – These are used to standardise information on surface durability, on a scale of 1-5. In the majority of instances, AC1 and AC2 are suited to domestic use, AC3 light commercial and AC4 and AC5 heavy commercial. The majority of laminates are AC3 and it should be sufficient for domestic use.
  • Board Thickness – Laminate boards normally range from 6mm-12mm. The thicker the board, the better impact resistance they have and also feel better underfeet. The click system is also in many instances superior in thicker boards.
  • Click System – The click system also plays a role in the durability of a laminate floor’s joints. When the click system is weak or inferior the joints are more likely to break under traffic leading to creaking or movement of the board.
  • Warranty – Properly constructed laminate floors should last many years, the majority of laminates we see nowadays often offer 8-30 years warranty. Anything toward the higher end should be sufficient, however you must always be wary of the finer points if you DIY.
  • Wax Seal? Wax-sealed boards are great as they provide additional water resistance for the board allowing it to be more stable.

2) Get a Sample and  Have a Play!

  • Weight – get a feel of the weight of the board, the heavier and denser the better.
  • Water Resistance – leave the board overnight with half sitting in water. Compare it to other boards, the less expansion and bubbling, the better the board.
  • Composition of the Core – use your fingernail and attempt to scratch the core of the board. Often (in many instances), the lighter the colour of core, the stronger and denser the board is.
  • Backside of the Floorboard – the backside of the laminate floor should be almost as durable as the front face. It should also offer sufficient water/moisture resistance, to prevent the expansion or contraction of the core

Here you go, a few simple tips and strategies to help you pick out the best laminate floor!

Stay posted for an article on choosing the best bamboo floor!

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